We offer a range of metalwork services including the design, fabrication and installation balustrades, handrails, fences, gates, louvered screen, decorative laser cut screening, stairs, art installations and much more!  Our team can help you plan and design your metalwork project.  Contact us today to find out more

✓ Project Management

✓ Design and drafting 

✓ Stainless steel, aluminium and glass balustrades and handrails

✓ Fences and gates 

✓ Decorative aluminium screenings

✓ Louvered screens and sliding doors

✓ Sheet metal works - guillotining, folding and rolling

✓ Aluminium and stainless steel welding and fabrication

✓ Metalwork maintenance and repairs

✓ Art installation and anything else you can dream up!

We offer the following metalwork services