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The Power of Plasma Cutting

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. CNC plasma cutting machines are programmed by the operator to follow a designated path for a plasma torch to deliver cuts to the metal– and it does so with exceptional speed and efficiency!

Plasma cutters work by sending an arc of electric current through a high-speed stream of inert gas, usually compressed air. This electrical arc ionizes the gas molecules, turning a portion into plasma that is hot enough to cut metal. Plasma is a more powerful cutting agent than any standard flame source, allowing for more efficient and rapid results. Due to its properties, various plasma cutting equipment has been created for different purposes.

Through the use of computerized technology, plasma cutters exceed the capabilities of other technology that is used in the metal fabrication industry. CNC plasma cutters help increase production capability by enhancing efficiency, speed and total quantity of product turned around within schedule. These machines are superior in terms of efficiency when delivering the identical projects as oxy-fuel, water jet and laser cutting machines.

Unlike saws, which throw off metal bits and fragments, or other torch types that tend to leave “dross” on the cut edge, plasma torches (plasma cutters) cut relatively cleanly with little debris to deliver superior results first time, every time.

Studio Steel has a 4-metre plasma bed and or team of qualified tradespeople have over 20 years experience producing a range of plasma cut products. We would be delighted to showcase our CNC plasma cutter to you so call Studio Steel today on 1300 018 019.

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